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Since 1983 this school has been teaching, and giving all drivers the opportunity to learn and develope the new skills and reflexes required for immediate response to vehicle loss of control for whatever reason, on any surface, at any time.

"Vehicles don't lose control" - drivers lose control . This never occours with out some type of warning to the driver, loss of traction is a gradual, altho alarming sensation. All drivers should be able to predict and detect when they are beginning to lose traction.

Even the perfect driver will at some time find themself in a new, unfamiliar, terrifying situation that they most likely did not initiate. Typically in these situations the driver has approxinatly 1/4 of a second to Sense - Identify- Predict - Decide and Execute the appropriate actions to maintain control of their vehicle. The inability to do this through lack of knowledge and skill results in unnecessary vehicle damage, human injury and death every day on our roads and highways, this can be reduced.


Mission Home The Bob Joynt School Clients Testimonials