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Hi Bob,: I just wanted to let you know that I used my skidschool skills today, and they saved me from a head-on collision at over 100 km/hr. I was in the right-hand lane on the Queensway (it has 3 lanes at the part where I was). I was going at about 115 km/hr. There were cars trying to merge onto the highway from an on-ramp to the right, so I moved into the middle lane. There was a van ahead of me in the middle lane that was slowing down dramatically, even though there were no cars in front of it. I was going too fast and the van was too close, so I moved into the left-hand fast lane. As soon as I got there, I saw white lights - there was a car dead stopped facing the wrong way on the Queensway! I have never heard of that happening before. It was really, really close. I tried to brake but there wasn't enough time to stop, and I was going too fast - it was just like the last exercise of the day that we did in your class! I quickly flipped the steering wheel to the right, just like you taught me. Thankfully the van had slowed down enough that I had enough space to get over in front of it. I was so close to a head-on. If I hadn't been in such a similar situation before in your class, I don't know what I would have done. I wanted to say thanks - I think that your class saved my life (literally)! Rachel..


Thank you on behalf of myself, my wife Patti and our shuttle bus driver Sam Morini at
JACK MAY PONITAC BUICK for making us all safer drivers.


On July 5th this year, my subconscious memory was put to the test and I am very happy to be able to write to you and thank you for saving me and my son, Matt, from injury and possibly death in a car accident we were involved in on the Queensway.

I'd like to commend you, Bob, on the work you're doing to make safer drivers on the road, and to thank you again for saving Matt and I.


Instincts sharpened by her (Gaye Flower) day with the school's owner and instructor, Bob Joynt, took over.


As I was turning right onto a highway a car in the oncomming lane pulled out to pass - I swerved onto the shoulder of the road and did an Off Road Recovery. I know if I hadn't gone to your skid school that would have been a head on collision with my fully loaded school bus.


The training you gave us in an absolute essential for everyone who drives a car.

Warren McBride:

I would like to tell you a story that happened to me last week. A friend purchased a 1956 Chev Half Ton pickup truck in New Orleans and the 2 of us took a 3/4 ton Four Wheel Drive pickup with empty trailer and drove there to pick it up. We both like to drive and got there in a day and a half. We loaded the old '56 Chevy Truck on the trailer and started back to Ottawa. We nighted over near Nashville Tennessee and got up bright and early on Sunday morning to continue northward. On the northern outskirts of Nashville the Interstate has 8 lanes. I was driving (hands at 3 & 9 - 100% of the time, of course) 1 lanes to the right of the fast lane in medium traffic. It was about 10 am when the tractor trailer in front of us in the lane to my right cut us off. I immediately checked the mirror and pulled around its tail. I then immediately noticed that there was a full sized couch dead in the middle of THAT lane - yes a couch! I calmly checked the mirror and pulled to the left of the couch, onto the paved shoulder. No "submission pedal" I just steering. I drove around the couch and then back into the proper lane. The big 3/4 Ton with loaded trailer faithfully followed and all was well. I wasn't nervous and didn't even sweat or get nervous after things got back to normal. It was sort of weird. It was just another manoeuvre from Bob Joynt's driving school. All went well. An interesting event that could have gone wrong but didn't because of the skills I learned in your car on your track. All made it home safely, now the work begins for my friend to restore the old '56. I thought you'd like to hear my story.


Just like the kid who fell off the curb in front of me and I just steered around him where I might have just slammed on the brakes and hit him. Your course does it again!

Clients History The Bob Joynt School Home Mission