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The human and vehicle damage our society has grown to accept as a part of daily life, and the cost of being on our roads can be effectively reduced not eliminated.

What we experience in our daily lives is the result of vehicle operators finding themselves in unfamiliar life and death situations with 1/4 of a second to respond and face the concequences and not knowing what to do, and what to do next. ( similar to dropping a piece of fine china and not knowing how to catch it. ).

If the result of all vehicle collisions in the past year had been reduced by 10 %, how many dollars would have ben saved in our health care system alone ? Not to mention what might have been saved in other areas as well.(human suffering, lost work time, insurance rates, )

No training system can ever make anyone perfect, BUT out program WILL improve any vehicle operators skills and confidence far beyond 10 %. We Guarantee it !!

Our training is not designed to replace any other driver training system only to supplement them.

Our training is not designed to and will not teach you how to drive or pass a drivers examination or test.

Our training is specially developed to teach and improve your VEHICLE HANDLING SKILLS in unfamiliar ( scarry ) situations, as well as routine operation of any vehicle in any conditions.

Our system will and has been proven to work in any vehicle (front - rear wheel drive, standard - automatic transmission, sub compact - trucks/bus)

Our School will not and does not test or examine you! We only TEACH and provide you with the opportunity to discover what you are capable of and where your limits are, better than finding out when you are behind the wheel in a real situation.

We teach in a safe environment, low speed - very slippery surface. The instructor is always in the car. We do not damage our cars, but our students only get approximatly 300 miles out of our tires, this is not a simulator, only a safe learning experience.


In 1996, after much effort, communication, correspondance and a referal from the Ottawa Carleton Safety Council, we persuaded a Crown Attorney to use our program as a trial / pilot effort. We felt that our program would do more towards educating drivers and making our roads safer than the typical system of imposing fines and licence suspensions.

Since then an on-going relationship has been developed with other Crown Attornies, P.O.I.N.T.T.S and S.T.O.P.P. (Traffic Ticket Specialists) in the area, we are all working together with a common goal, to accept the fact that no-one will ever eliminate Vehicle Collisions, but with a combined effort the number of, and severity of collisions can be Reduced ! with further education, including practical experience.


In many cases, drivers or passengers in vehicles involved in serious collisions, may suffer a lasting psychological effect reducing the ability of the person to operate a vehicle to some degree or in severe cases, not at all.. We have had success in working with medical doctors their patient to regain confidence behind the wheel and return to a productive and ful-filling lifestyle.

If the patient has a lasting effect, their knowledge/understanding of the situation will make them more comfortable and confident. They will also realize what type of situations may be best for them to avoid.


We feel along with others that there is enough stress in driver training trying to learn the rules of the road and how to deal with traffic without having to figure out how to operate the vehicle at the same time.

We teach the new vehicle operator to be totally comfortable and confident with vehicle operation. All vehicle operation should be second nature combined with reflex response. In an emergency situation, thinking requires valuable time and space, which is usually not available.

Upon completion of our progam the new vehicle operator will be reacting rather than wondering what they should be doing in a given situation or how the vehicle will respond to driver actions.

Driver instructors and examiners can and will notice the difference in drivers with these skills and drivers without.

Learning to drive with out these basic skills is comparable to attempting to play hockey without being able to skate.


Like it or not, age effects us. Physically and mentally for different reasons we slow down and become restricted in our abilities.

This a way of life that we have to accept, it is much easer to deal with when we realize our limits and then adapt to stay within them. Most problems occour when any driver, typically unknowlingly pushes themself or their vehicle beyond acceptable limits. This is usually covered after by the familiar " there was nothing I could do !

We do not believe in testing drivers, we want to find out and show them how good they are. Then we use that as a starting point to build on for further improvement. Once again, we believe that humans learn much better in a positive environment. We want drivers to feel good about their driving skills, become more confident and make our roads safer for everyone.

Clients History The Bob Joynt School Home Testimonials